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We are known because of our customer service advice and knowledge of lighting

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"For over twenty years The Light Switch has been supplying the prestige home builders of Bendigo with some of the best lighting effects available." "We are known because of our customer service, advice and knowledge of lighting."

Customers can select from the widest range available, including:

Traditional Lighting, Solid Brass Lighting, Classical Pendants, Lamp Shades, Exteriors, Old World Lighting, Heritage Lighting, Art Deco Lighting, Modern Lighting, Ultra Modern Lighting, LED Lighting, Low Voltage Lighting, Energy Efficient Lighting, CFLs Display Lighting, Commercial Lighting and Garden Lighting.

We are always available to assist customers choose the most environmentally friendly lighting options

Our suppliers include Mercator, Cougar, Telbix, Eglo, Gentech, Sunny, Hunter Pacific Typhoon Fans, Mardec & Hunter Fans, Lode Lighting, Robert Kitto and Brilliant Lighting are just a few of our suppliers.